Review – Born Pretty Store Soft Nail Art Stamper Head Refill

Good day everyone! Today I bring you a review of this Soft Nail Art Stamper Head Refill (item ID 21425). This set is just the stamper head, it’s dimensions are 2.8 cm x 1.8 cm and it will fit in most standard rectangular stamper holders. If you need the holder as well, check out this option here. soft stamper head refill

There are many colour selections available but I chose this black one (more on that later).

I popped it in to my rectangular holder and was on my way! item ID 21425 item ID 21425

I wanted to see how well it stamped right out of the package, no priming.

Straight out of the package
Straight out of the package

Have no fear! Many stampers need a little prepping when you first get them to remove the oils from the silicone (or whatever other materials they may be made of) that seep out onto the surface of the stamper. There are many ways to prime a stamper, my favourite is to swipe a dry Mr. Clean Magic Eraser over the surface very lightly. You can tell it’s prepped when the entire surface has a matte look to it.

After Prepping
After Prepping

Like magic!!! The image picked up beautifully.

This stamper is a good size for most nail lengths. Here is a size-comparison with my Pueen Silicone Stamper and my Creative Shop Stamper:

Left - Right: Pueen, Born Pretty Store, Creative Shop
Left – Right: Pueen, Born Pretty Store, Creative Shop

I’d say it’s a nice soft somewhat squishy stamper. It’s softer than my Creative Shop stamper but less sticky than my Pueen. It’s strictly personal preference on the shape of the stamper – some people find it easier to align geometric-type stamps on a rectangular stamper. I tested this stamper with many different stamping polishes and plates as well as various techniques (rolling, pressing) and it picked up a nice crisp stamp each time.

Now as for why I chose the black stamper – I honestly think everyone needs a darker-coloured stamper in their collection. It makes using white or light-coloured stamping polishes so much easier. Check out the difference below when I stamped both a white stamper and the Born Pretty Store Soft black stamper with M Polish Bells of Ireland:

White versus Black stamper
White versus Black stamper

It’s really hard to see but there is in fact a stamp on that white stamper! If there’s minimal contrast between the polish colour verses the stamper colour, it can be hard to determine if the stamp picked up clearly, how to get the placement on the nail you want, how the polish will look over dark colours. The only negative I have to the black stamper is you can see any lint it may pick up along the edges, however this doesn’t affect usability at all.

Now onto some stamped nail art:



As you can see it stamps beautifully. I am really pleased with this stamper, especially for $1.59 USD ($1.91 CAD). You could have a whole rainbow of these!

You can use code JDGK31 for 10% off all non-sale items at – they also offer free worldwide shipping!!!

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Until next time – happy painting!!

Disclaimer – I recieved this item free of charge. All opinions are 100% my own.


5 thoughts on “Review – Born Pretty Store Soft Nail Art Stamper Head Refill

  1. Great review! I have the white and pink soft rectangular ones. I also have a firm green one but I don’t use it much. I might need to get a black one too!


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