Review – Bornprettystore Rectangular Plates BP-L028 and BPL-008

Hey guys! Today I am reviewing some rectangular Bornprettystore plates! I consider myself to be a bit of a stampaholic. I like how I can create interesting and intricate nail art using stamping plates (freehand isn’t really my thing!). So I was immediately drawn to these places when I saw them!

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Review – 2-piece Clear Silicone Marshmallow Jelly Nail Art Stamper (Item ID 24130)

Clear stampers have taken the nail art world by storm as of late. Why you may ask? The back end of the stamper is open, and the stamper head is made of a completely transparent silicone. This allows you to look down through the stamper and stamper head and to your nail underneath!!!  You can then carefully position the stamper EXACTLY where you want it on the nail. This is very helpful when lining up linear images like chevrons or stripes!

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Review – 20-slot Large Rectangular Nail Art Stamping Plate Holder (Item ID 20045)

Hey guys! Today I’d like to take a closer look at this Bornprettystore rectangular plate holder. If you’re a fan of stamping like me, you probably sometimes spend time looking at all of your plates for inspiration. And since a lot of rectangular plates come in cardboard sleeves (for protection), it can take a while! Sometimes you may forget about an awesome plate you have because it’s not immediately visible. Storing your plates in a holder like this instantly puts all of your plates right at your fingertips.

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