Review – Born Pretty Store Plate Holder, Clear Jelly Stamper, and Plates

Hi guys! Today I have a review of a few of a few pretty awesome products from They are all related to each other so it made sense to include them all into one post.  Let’s get started shall we?

20-slot Large Rectangular Nail Art Stamping Plate Holder (Item ID 20045)

First up is this 20-slot Large Rectangular Nail Art Stamping Plate Holder (Item ID 20045). The outer dimensions of this holder are 5 ¾ inches in height by 3 ¾ inches in width and it’s made of a nice leather-type material. It’s very soft and flexible.


The inner sleeves are well-made and held into the holder with rivets:


My plates fit in it perfectly!!! They don’t slide around or fall out when you’re turning the pages to see the plates (which is a common problem with some plate holders). The plate is also nicely visible through the sleeve.


This holder also works with non plates.


It holds a total of 20 rectangular plates, but you could probably do two plates per sleeve for a total of 40. I really really liked this holder as a solution for plate storage. I much prefer to flip through it looking for inspiration as opposed to removing each plate from their sleeve. As well, this holder protects plates that may not have sleeves and could get scratched up if stored in piles or stacks.


2-piece Clear Marshmallow Jelly Nail Art Stamper (Item ID 24130)

Next up is this Clear Marshmallow Silicone Stamper. Clear stampers are all the rage right now and I have finally seen why!!!!


The head of this stamper is removable and made of a clear jelly silicone. It comes in this pink holder and comes with its own scraper. The image picked up perfectly on the first go. The point of these stampers is that the back-end of the stamper is open and it allows you to see down through the holder and through the stamper/image. You can easily position the stamp onto your nail in the EXACT position you want! This is VERY handy for geometric or linear-type images that need to be aligned straight. And for people like me who seem to be incapable of lining stamps up the way I want!!!


Here are some manicures I did using the clear jelly stamper and some plates:

thedotcouture nude mani

thedotcouture mani

I love how the chevrons are perfectly aligned on my nail, and I was able to place the second stamp on top exactly where I wanted!

And just a quick mention about the plates used – I love plates!


They seem to be foolproof for me.  I always get beautiful sharp images from them no matter what stamper or polish I seem to use. And as always very affordable! You can buy plate BPL-028 (Item ID 21814) here and plate BP-L008 (Item ID 17926) here.

So there you have it! I hope this review was helpful for you. I can’t stress enough how much of a game-changer the clear stamper was for me, so if you are into stamping and nail art I would urge you to try it!!!

All items are available at and if you use the code JDGK31 you can get 10% off your order! They also have free worldwide shipping.

Until next time, happy painting!

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