Review – 2-piece Clear Silicone Marshmallow Jelly Nail Art Stamper (Item ID 24130)

Clear stampers have taken the nail art world by storm as of late. Why you may ask? The back end of the stamper is open, and the stamper head is made of a completely transparent silicone. This allows you to look down through the stamper and stamper head and to your nail underneath!!!  You can then carefully position the stamper EXACTLY where you want it on the nail. This is very helpful when lining up linear images like chevrons or stripes!


The head of this stamper is removable and comes in a pink holder (although other colours are available on the Bornprettystore site. It comes with a pink plastic scraper that I discovered works the best. The stamped image picked up perfectly on the first go –zero prepping of the stamper head required. The diameter of the stamper is 2.8 cms – definitely suitable for larger images and those with longer nails than I!


For me personally, I really liked that I could turn the stamper on its non-stamping end when I was cleaning plates or getting ready to stamp. The plastic holder was very comfortable to hold and use. I found I got the best results with a gentle press straight downwards for both picking up the stamp and transferring onto my nail. I managed to get a perfect image every single time and for the last two weeks I have used this stamper exclusively! What more can I say, I love it! Please enjoy some nail art I did with this stamper!

thedotcouture mani

thedotcouture nude mani

Right now the stamper retails for $2.99 US / $3.98 Canadian and is available HERE.

Bornprettystore has free worldwide shipping, and you can use my code JDGK31 for 10% off your entire order of regular-priced items!

Until next time – happy painting!!!

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I was provided this item free of charge for review. All opinions are my own.

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