Review – Bornprettystore Rectangular Plates Part 1

Hello my friends! I received 4 rectangular stamping plates to review from so I decided to make a two-part review post.

bornprettystore plates

The plates come with these cardboard sleeves to protect them once you take the blue film off.

Plate BPL-023 (Item ID 20789)

This plate is called ‘Cupcake Sweets Candy Nail Art Stamping Plate’ and I’d say the name is spot on. This plate has 14 rectangular full-nail images of varying candy-themes. It has a nice mix of holiday (Christmas, Valentine’s Day) images and miscellaneous general images. This would be a cute plate for Halloween as well! I loved this plate for its coffee images – I am Jenny and I am a coffe-holic!!!!!


It also has 8 single images that complement the rectangular images nicely.

Here are some manis I did with this plate:

thedotcouture coffee mani

I mean how cute are those images!!!!! I used the rectangular coffee bean image on my pointer and middle fingers, the single coffee image on my ring finger, and added two little dots with my stamping polish on my pinky, all over a nude base.

Next I wanted to try one of the full-nail negative space images because they can sometimes be finicky. No issues here though!!! I used a beautiful holographic stamping nail polish from M Polish.

thedotcouture negative space stamp

And finally I stamped over a purple holographic glitter. I love how even fine lines come out beautiful and crisp.

thedotcouture candy love


Plate BP-L006 (Item ID 17924)

Next up is the ‘Selected Classics’ plate. I have always wanted to use images like these but shied away because of how necessary proper and straight alignment is with geometric shapes. Now that I have the Clear Silicone Marshmallow Stamper from, I can use images like these without fear of them being all crazy and crooked!!!

BP-L 006

This plate has 14 full nail images and 8 single images. The full-nail images are all really cool shapes like polka dots, chevrons, houndstooth, stars. This plate is great for someone like me who doesn’t use a lot of nail vinyls. The single images are sort of across the board as far as themes go – there is a cool skull and crossbones, a bow tie, some moustaches, an awareness ribbon, and snowflakes. They are all images I will get use out of though!!!! I think the awareness ribbon was a really nice image to include on this plate since some of us can’t freehand those types of designs very well.

Let’s look at some nail art now shall we??

thedotcouture holographic chevrons

Chevrons!!!! I adore chevrons!!! I think they look so cool on your nail. I liked the size of this chevron image – it wasn’t too skinny and wasn’t too big that us girls who rock shorter nails can’t use them (sometimes when images are too large you can’t really see much of it on shorter nails). I used a holographic base and a white stamping polish to create this chevron look.

Next I used the plaid image:

thedotcouture plaid

I double-stamped with a silver and a gold polish but I think the colours were too close once on the nail. I love how it turned out though!

Then I went ahead and stamped one of the solo images:

thedotcouture plaid moustache

I think the moustaches are hilarious!!!!

And finally I used the houndstooth image:

thedotcouture houndstooth

What is there to say about this image other than I love it!!!!!!!!  I love how these nails turned out and wore them for 4 or 5 days – highly unusual for me. I got a ton of compliments on them. There is no way I could ever attempt freehand houndstooth so this image is perfect for that!!!


I have said over and over that I love Bornprettystore plates, and these are no exception. Every image I used picked up perfectly the first try, I didn’t have to switch out my polish or stamper to get a nice image. They each offer a wide range of images and at the time of this post retail for $5.99 USD with free shipping worldwide!!!

And as a bonus, you can use my code JDGK31 and get 10% off of your entire order of non-sale items!!! Can’t beat that right??

I hope you give these plates a try and that you love them as much as I do!!!!

Remember you can find me on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Until next time, happy painting!!!!


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