French Tip Nail Art!

I’m super excited for this month’s Cute Girls Hairstyles post, all about easy Easy French Tip nail art you can do yourself!!!

I hope you head on over and check it out!!!

Until next time, Happy painting!!!


Swatch and Review – Harlow ONE Series Pawsome Duo by Colores de Carol to Benefit the Alberta SPCA

Colores de Carol Pawsome Duo

Hi guys!!! Today I have another post about the amazing Harlow ONE Series from Harlow & Co. This month it’s the Pawsome Duo by Colores de Carol.

Colores de Carol Pawsome Duo

The Harlow ONE Series is a project created by Harlow & Co. and features a special polish produced from one Indie brand each month. The brand picks a cause near and dear to them, creates the polish(es) exclusively for Harlow  Co., and $1.00 Canadian Dollar per polish is donated to said cause. Pre-orders for the next month’s sets take place on the 20th of each month.

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