Review – Clear Jelly Nail Art Stamper/Stamping Plate/ Owl Art Water Decals

Hi everyone! Today I’m reviewing some products from

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I love stamping so anytime I am given the opportunity to try out anything stamping-related, I’m excited! We should start with the Clear Jelly Nail Art Stamper, since every manicure in this post was done with it.

thedotcouture ladyqueen stamper close

This is the Clear Jelly Nail Art Stamper (Item # NA1017). This stamper has a nice squishy clear head to it and comes with a lid (to protect the stamper when not in use), and a credit card-sized scraper. The holder for the stamper head is also clear, which means it lets in the most light possible. The idea behind this stamper is you can look down through the stamper holder and clear stamper head at your nail below to get the EXACT stamp positioning that you want on your nail. Amazing!!!

My stamper did not need any prepping – it picked up a beautiful crisp image first try. If you do need to prep yours, just make sure you don’t use acetone on a clear stamper. I have heard that it clouds the stamper head which would defeat the purpose of a clear stamper.

thedotcouture ladyqueen clear jelly nail art stamper 1

It transferred onto my nail just as easily as it picked up – and I have a fairly pronounced c-curve. The trick to the clear stampers is to use a gentle rocking motion whilst picking up your stamp image, as opposed to a press-straight-down approach.

Which brings us to our next item – stamping plate JQ-L18 (#NA0870).

thedotcouture ladyqueen plate blue film

The plate arrives with a blue protective film (as seen above) that you have to peel off before use.

thedotcouture ladyqueen plate JQ-L18

The plate is metal and doesn’t have any backing of any sort however the edges are nice and smooth. It contains 14 full nail rectangular images and 7 single images. I’d say this is sort of an abstract plate – there are flowers, trees, swirls, owls, bicycles. It’s definitely a unique plate! I used the splatter image to make this camouflage mani:

thedotcouture ladyqueen camo nails

I stamped each nail 3 times with the same image but different colours of nail polish – rotating the stamper slightly so that the image stamped differently each time. I then top-coated with a matte top coat.

Next I stamped one of the floral images over a pink glitter crelly. Then I added in pink glitter over the white stamp.

thedotcouture ladyqueen pink stamping

This next mani totally reminds me of my wallpaper in the 1970’s. I took one of the swirly full-nail images and stamped over a red base. Then I stamped the diamond heart on my ring finger using black stamping polish. I love how this one turned out!

thedotcouture ladyqueen red double stamping

And now onto the final item – these absolutely ADORABLE owl water decals (ID# NA0918).

thedotcouture ladyqueen nail decals

Water decals are a fast easy alternative to other forms of nail art, and really easy to use! This sheet comes with a cute selection of various owls (I love owls!). Basically you trim out the owl you want, remove the plastic cover, drop the owl decal into some lukewarm water for about 10 seconds, and then carefully slide the owl off the cardboard backing and place onto a polished nail (dampen the nail in water to help with positioning).

thedotcouture ladyqueen stamping and decals

For this manicure I started with a plum holographic base. I then stamped the tree image from the plate above using an Essie metallic polish. When that was dry I applied two owl water decals to make it appear as if they are sitting in the tree!! I found these decals really easy to use and the colours of the owls were really vibrant even over the dark nail polish. Top coat over the owls had them lasting all week.

If you like cute nail art, head on over to and you can use code GDPS15 at checkout for 15% off your entire order!!!

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Until next time,

Happy painting!!!!


These items were provided to me for my honest review. 


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