Review – Bornprettystore Pink and Green Stamping Polish (ID 27285 and ID 27277)

Hey everybody!!! Today I’m reviewing a couple of stamping polishes from Let’s get right into it shall we?

thedotcouture bornprettystore stamping polish review

Nail Art Stamping Polish Color 21 Pink (ID 27285)

First up is this bright pink stamping polish. The bottle is a rectangular shape and contains 6 ml of stamping polish. It was nice and opaque and stamped really crisply onto the stamper. I think it showed really nicely over a dark dark polish:

thedotcouture bornprettystore pink stamping polish

It didn’t stain my stamper or skin and didn’t have any unpleasant odour. At the time of this blog post it was $1.99 USD / $2.65 CAD, a great price for a stamping polish!!!!

Nail Art Stamping Polish Color 12 Green (ID 27277)

I loved this green stamped on my nails! I created a stamped mani using both of the polishes together and got so many compliments! Like the pink polish, it didn’t have any issues picking up crisply on my stamper, no staining, and no offensive odour:

thedotcouture pink and green stamping polish bornprettystore

At the time of this post this polish cost $2.39 USD / $3.18 CAD.

In summary this is a great product at a great price. What really impressed me is that often with these bright stamping polishes, the colours sort of wash out on the nails and the intensity you see in the bottle doesn’t translate that well onto the nail. This wasn’t the case here at all, the polishes are lovely and bright and opaque! You can also get this polish in many other colours. All of these manis were done using Bornprettystore stamping plates and their wide-diameter Clear Silicone Stamper, which I recently reviewed here.

Definitely give these a whirl if you like inexpensive yet effective stamping polishes!!! You can use my code JDGK31 for 10% off all non-sale items at – they have free International shipping too!!!

Bornprettystore discount code

Remember to find me on Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter. Until next time, happy painting!!!!


Disclosure: These products were proved to me for my honest review.


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