Review – Bornprettystore Round Plate and Fresh Pink Stamping Polish

Today I have a cute ‘lil combo for you – this adorable round Umbrella stamping plate (Item ID 29543) and Fresh Pink Stamping Polish  (Item ID 27008) from

bornprettystore  thedotcouture stamping plate  pink stamping polish

So I do tend to prefer their rectangular plate however I was immediately drawn to this adorable lace umbrella! I thought it was a very unique way to present the pattern. I also think the scalloping along the bottle is great – you could do half-moon lace nails or even French Tips.

bornprettystore thedotcouture round stamping plate

The plate is lightweight but sturdy, and the edges are nice and smooth. It comes with a blue film to protect the front (remove before first use), and a cardboard sleeve for storage.

I tested it out with this stamping polish in Fresh Pink:

 thedotcouture bornprettystore stamping polish
It’s a lovely bright pastel pink. It’s 18 ml which is large for any polish! The bottle is nice and square which makes it very stable for when you’re stamping and have to work quickly – things can get tippy! This is my favourite shape of any stamping polish I’ve ever used. I wondered how it would do with the very fine lines of the detailed lace pattern from the plate above:

bornprettystore thedotcouture round plate and stamping polish

Swoon!!! I love how this turned out!!! I was super impressed with both the etching of the plate and the opacity of the stamping polish. They were a great combo together!

After this I will definitely be looking into more round Bornprettystore plates. This one was $1.99 USD at the time of this blog post. They have free worldwide shipping! And if you so desire, code JDGK31 will give you 10% off all non-sale items at checkout!!!

Until next time, happy painting!!!!


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