Indie Expo Canada – June 3-4 2017

Hello my fellow nail polish addicts!!! Today I have some exciting news, in particular for us Canadians (or my American readers near the US / Can border), and especially for us Ontarians!!!

Oh so many times I get asked who makes those beautiful polishes I use in my manis. And more importantly, “where can I get them??” Now just imagine you could not only oogle all these lovelies in one place, but you could talk to the makers behind these amazing polishes? And even better, BUY SOME FOR YOURSELF??? You’d probably say something like “Where Jenny? Where is this fantastical place?”

Indie Expo Canada of course!

Indie Expo Canada 2017

Pam, the lovely creator behind Girly Bits Cosmetics has organized an incredible Indie event which is taking place June 3rd and 4th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Girly bits cosmetics

There will be workshops and tutorial tables, and you will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with industry YouTubers, Bloggers, and of course the makers themselves!

Tickets start at $24.07 (all fees and taxes included) and are available at This will give you access to a TON (and I mean TON!) of Indie vendors (from all over the world!) Not just nail polish either. There will be cosmetics, skin care, hair care, all kinds of amazing brands showcasing their products!!!

Photo 2017-06-01, 9 10 53 PM

So come on over and check it out….I will be there and I’d love to meet and hang with my fellow nail addicts!

thedotcouture indie expo canada official press

WOOHOO! I’m all official and stuff! I will be there covering the event and I think it’s going to be an amazing experience for us all!!!!

Stay in the loop by connecting with Indie Expo Canada on their social media:

Instagram: @indieexpocanada
Twitter: @IndieExpoCanada
Facebook: IndieExpoCanada

And if you can’t make it, stay tuned because I will have lots of info and reviews happening, as well as coverage during the June 4th portion of the event! I do hope to see you next weekend though!!!! I’m super friendly I promise!

Instagram: @thedotcouture
Facebook: thedotcouture

Until next time, happy painting!

thedotcouture IEC signoff


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