Event Coverage – Indie Expo Canada 2017 – Part One

Hey all! Jenny here with something new and exciting today! I was truly blessed to be able to attend the inaugural Indie Expo Canada event at the Hyatt Regency in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as official press! The event took place over a two-day period June 3rd and 4th 2017 and focused on amazing indie nail, beauty, and hair/body products!

Press Smaller

I’m going to split my post into two parts because they are very pic heavy! In this first post I will be covering the second day which included the press preview and open marketplace. Loads of amazing vendors came from all over to proudly display their beautiful wares.

Photo 2017-06-04, 12 11 58 PM

Pam Heil, the owner of Girly Bits Cosmetics (one of my all-time favourite indie brands!) and her tireless team put so much work into this event. And did they ever pull it off.  Let’s start with the location. The event took place in the grand ballroom on the mezzanine of the gorgeous downtown Hyatt Regency Hotel.

File 2017-06-18, 11 11 02 AM

Inside were some of the most amazing indie vendors you could ever hope to find in one room!!!!!! Let’s take a look!

Girly Bits Cosmetics

When I walked into the main ballroom, I was instantly greeted by the Girly Bits Cosmetics booth and the lovely people behind it!

Thedotcouture IEC Girly Bits 6

Girly Bits Cosmetics is a Canadian indie polish brand that also stocks some amazing products on their site. Their setup was extensive!

Thedotcouture IEC Girly Bits 1
Girly Bits Cosmetics Gorgeousness!

The Sequins & Satin Pants collection was super blingy!

Thedotcouture IEC Girly Bits 3

Beautiful holographic sign:

Thedotcouture IEC Girly Bits 2

Thedotcouture Girly Bits 5

Shop Girly Bits Cosmetics: www.girlybitscosmetics.com

Beyond the Nail

Beyond the Nail is another Canadian indie brand that was started by two sisters!

Thedotcouture Beyond the Nail

These were there Indie Expo exclusive polishes – I had a good chuckle at Tee Dot!

Thedotcouture Beyond the Nail 2

Neon gorgeousness in the summer collection:

Thedotcouture Beyond the Nail 3

They had a whole bunch of nail vinyls and decals too! I meant to pick some up (especially the Halloween and Christmas ones) but totally forgot.

Thedotcouture Beyond the Nail 5

Shop Beyond the Nail:  www.beyondthenail.com

CANVAS Lacquer

CANVAS Lacquer is a new-to-me brand. I’ve heard a lot about them but never personally owned any myself. CANVAS is a local to Toronto brand and is owned by a pair of best friends. How cute is that!

Thedotcouture Canvas Lacquer

They had these beautiful cuticle oils filled with flowers and such!!! All in amazing scents. I couldn’t stop staring at them!

Thedotcouture Canvas Lacquer 3

And of course, loads of gorgeous polishes:

Thedotcouture Canvas Lacquer 2

I really liked their branding and they gave me a little sticker which now proudly lives on my red Helmer!

File 2017-06-18, 11 30 36 AM

I wonder what I should put in that drawer…….

Shop CANVAS Lacquer: www.etsy.com/ca/shop/CANVASlacquer

Tonic Polish

Tonic is fairly new on the scene (approximately a year old). I got to chat with Lindsay (the owner of Tonic) and found out her polishes got held up by Canada Post! In order to meet the demand of Indie Expo, she immediately went into production overtime, and ended up flying to Canada from the US with 250 freshly-made polishes in her suitcase! That’s dedication!

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 39 36 AM

Despite their challenges with Canada Post they still had lots of gorgeous polishes to show off!

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 37 18 AM

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 38 08 AM
Cute framed price list!

Shop Tonic: www.tonicpolish.com

Clionadh Cosmetic

Our first non-polish company! Clionadh Cosmetics is a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics company based out of Toronto, and is run by two sisters! Their cosmetics are like works of art.

Photo 2017-06-04, 11 04 29 AM
Paleo Eyeshadow Palette

Literally, works of art! This is inspired by Monet’s Water Lilies.

Photo 2017-06-04, 11 03 44 AM

Photo 2017-06-04, 11 04 23 AM

Shop Clionadh Cosmetics: www.clionadhcosmetics.com

Cuter Cuticles

Another non-polish company (although this one is nail-related). Any good nail blogger is only as good as her cuticles!!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Samantha Hill and her hubby. Their products have some amazing scents (I fell in love with Mown Grass!) and they work really well!

Thedotcouture Cuter Cuticles
Squattermelon Mani Bombs – Inspired by Watermelons!
Thedotcouture Cuter Cuticles 3
Roller Ball Cuticle Oils!

Their Barrier Butters are AH-MAZING. I got Lemon Cupcake!

Thedotcouture Cuter Cuticles 2

Shop Cuter Cuticles: http://cutercuticles.com/shop/

Fiendish Fancies

I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to this deliciously macabre booth at the end of the ballroom. No detail was left unturned here and I was in a little bit of heaven visiting her. Lara Willis started the brand in 2015. All of her collections are themed around horror movies and T.V. shows! She even has a whole collection inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe (one of my fave authors, I even visited his historic residence) films of Roger Corman (of whom I’m also a huge fan – I love Vincent Price and he starred in many of Corman’s movies).

Thedotcouture Fiendish Fancies

Thedotcouture Fiendish Fancies 4

A collection inspired by American Horror Story:

Thedotcouture Fiendish Fancies 3

Thedotcouture Fiendish Fancies 2

I got a magnet from her – it also lives on my Helmer! Yes, this Helmer is white. There may be more than one Helmer in my world…

File 2017-06-18, 11 46 41 AM

Shop Fiendish Fancies: www.fiendishfancies.com

Beautometry / Hit the Bottle

Beautometry is a U.S.-based stockist who was doing double duty at Indie Expo Canada – they not only brought along some of the beauties they stock in their store (especially their Creative Shop plates!), but were there representing Hit the Bottle too. Hit the Bottle is an Australian indie stamping polish brand that’s 5-free to boot!

Hot the Bottle - Beautometry

I think I’m in heaven! so many stamping plates and polishes!

File 2017-06-09, 11 40 45 PM

Thedotcouture Hit the Bottle - beautometry

Shop Beautometry: www.beautometry.com

Shop Hit the Bottle: www.hitthebottlepolishes.com.au

Fair Maiden / Pahlish

Pahlish is a Nashville Tennessee brand. The owners (husband and wife team Shannon and Josh) weren’t able to attend themselves but had the lovely and talented Eileen Reis hold down the fort for them.

Thedotcouture Fair Maiden Pahlish 3


Photo 2017-06-04, 11 21 14 AM

Thedotcouture Fair Maiden Pahlish 4

Shop Pahlish: www.pahlish.bigcartel.com

Sharing a table with them was Fair Maiden. Fair Maiden is a polish line run by yet another friend duo! Sarah and Adrienne weren’t able to attend personally but Rebecca Hill manned the table for them!

Thedotcouture Fair Maiden Pahlish

Fair Maiden Polish Pony Parade Spring 2017:

File 2017-06-09, 11 31 18 PM

Thedotcouture Fair Maiden Pahlish 2

Shop Fair Maiden: http://fairmaidenpolish.com/

Alter Ego Body Care Products

Alter Ego Body Care Products is owned by Cynthia Decker and is based out of Wisconsin. Not only does she carry some gorgeous polishes, she is also known for artisan soaps, cuticle care, and other products!

Thedotcouture alter ego body care

Thedotcouture alter ego body care 2

How beautiful?

Thedotcouture alter ego body care 3

Shop Alter Ego Body Care Products: http://wisconsinsoap.com

Moo Moo’s Signatures

Moo Moo’s Signatures is an International brand. They weren’t able to attend personally but they sure sent lots and lots of pretties!!!

File 2017-06-09, 11 54 58 PM

Cuticle oil with 24k gold flakies:

File 2017-06-09, 11 55 32 PM

Indie Expo Exclusive:

Photo 2017-06-04, 11 24 04 AM

Shop Moo Moo Signatures:  http://moomoosignatures.bigcartel.com/

Native War Paints

Native War Paints is a Michigan-based indie started by Amana Pigeon-Scribner. I fell in love with their display!

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 26 34 AM

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 26 51 AM

And of course their polishes as well!

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 25 56 AM

Shop Native War Paints: www.nativewarpaints.com

Superficially Colorful Lacquer

Superficially Colorful Lacquer is an Israeli-brand. The owner Adi couldn’t attend but she sent some trusty delegates instead!

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 27 59 AM

Oh the pretties!!!!

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 27 22 AM

Shop Superficially Colorful Lacquer here: https://sclacquer.com/


Breaking from the nail/hand care theme, we have Lovacado – founded by Claudia Marillo. She uses a back-to-basics approach to hair and body care, recognizing that our bodies absorb every single thing we put on (and into) it.

File 2017-06-18, 12 16 33 PM

Her products smell amazing too!!!

Shop Lovacado: lovacado.com

Colors By Llarowe

Colors By Llarowe was one of the brands I was first exposed to when I started getting into indies. CBL as it is known by was started in 2011 by Leah Ann LaRowe and I got to meet her!!!! Her and her awesome team. That was quite an experience for me! I even got to listen to her (and three other amazing panelists, but more on that in part two of my event coverage) speak during the speakers panel portion. Also. Her display was the bomb!

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 28 34 AM

Colour-changing display!

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 30 20 AM

Oh the pretties!

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 30 16 AM

And more pretties!!! One of my favourite photos from the event!

Photo 2017-06-17, 6 40 35 PM

Shop Colors By Llarowe: www.llarowe.com


SoGa is a soap and body are company that may have you wondering if you’re at a bake sale! Their products are truly works of art!!!!

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 41 50 AM

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 41 55 AM

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 42 19 AM

Shop SoGa:  sogasoap.com

Ever After Polish

Ever After Polish is a polish and beauty brand created by friend duo Miranda and Rachel. Rachel takes the creative control over the polish side, and Miranda the bath and beauty products.

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 31 33 AM


Beautiful hand-crafted dragon eggs painted using Ever After Polish!

Photo 2017-06-04, 11 28 42 AM

Photo 2017-06-04, 11 36 47 AM

Shop Ever After Polish: www.everafterpolish.com

Great Lakes Lacquer

Mariah from Great Lakes Lacquer began hand-mixing her polishes in early 2014. She aspires to capture moments with her polishes, whether from a memory, beautiful scenery, or an experience. I’d say she does that really well, her polish has a very fluid feel to me.

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 33 04 AM

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 33 15 AM

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 36 15 AM

As an aside, I’m also obsessed with her logo:

File 2017-06-18, 12 30 59 PM

Shop Great Lakes Lacquer:  greatlakeslacquer.bigcartel.com

So that concludes part one of my coverage. In the next portion I’ll give more of a narrative of the event and people I encountered! There was a LOT going on (including tutorial tables and the afore-mentioned speaker’s panel), and kudos to Pam and her entire team of dedicated people who pulled this event together. It was a WONDERFUL experience and I can’t wait for next year (I may have started saving up already). And thank you to all of the wonderful vendors who came both near and far! And we can’t forget the people who came to attend the event. To network, meet the people behind the brands, and of course, SHOP!!!

If you didn’t attend this year, perhaps now is the time to start giving it some thought because I suspect next year will be even BIGGER and BETTER (is that possible? I’m sure Pam will pull it off!)

Edit to add – Part two of my Indie Expo Coverage is now live!!! Keep reading for more behind-the-scenes into this inaugural indie polish and beauty event!

Until next time, happy painting!!!!

thedotcouture IEC signoff

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