Swatch and Review – Moonflower Polish Isla del Encanto – Summer 2017

Press Sample

Happy Sunday everyone! I’ve got the complete 8-piece Isla del Encanto Summer 2017 stamping polish collection from Moonflower Polish! This collection is very personal to maker (and fellow blogger) Nadia (of Mama Hearts Polish) because it’s completely inspired by her home island of Puerto Rico.

La Isla del Encanto (or Isle of Enchantment) is a name commonly used to refer to the island of Puerto Rico. Each polish is inspired by (and subsequently named after) things and places that are important to Nadia.

All swatches are stamped over Sinful Colors Black on Black and OPI Alpine Snow, using the Big Bling XL stamper from Clear Jelly Stamper and topped with Girly Bits Cosmetics What a Rush quick-dry top coat. All Moonflower Polishes are 5-free and hand-mixed in small batches.

As an added bonus I have a super special offer for all of my readers – more details after the swatch photos!

Flor de Maga (Maga Flower)

Very intense red metallic with a gold/purple/pink shimmer that shifts, and rose gold micro flakes.

Photo 2017-06-24, 9 47 36 AM
Moonflower Polish Flor de Maga (Maga Flower)

This polish really transformed as I moved my hands around, and I loved it over the black in particular!

Cavernas del Rio Camuy (Camuy River Caverns)

This one is a bronze-ish brown with gold microflakes and gold shimmer. It is truly reminiscent of the caverns by which it is inspired!!! Very unique polish.

Photo 2017-06-24, 9 49 49 AM
Cavernas del Rio Camuy (Camuy River Caverns)

I think this one is just magical stamped over the black. Rarely do you get such depth from a stamping polish (especially with a fine-line image like I used above, and definitely rarely with brown) but this one just glows!

Atardecer en el Morro (Sunset at El Morro)

A metallic orange with a pink/purple/orange shifting shimmer and gold micro flakes. This of COURSE was my favourite. Because orange.

Photo 2017-06-24, 9 46 36 AM
Atardecer en el Morro (Sunset at El Morro)

I mean just look at it! Stunning. All I can think of is Halloween manis? But I always have Halloween on my mind! This one is named after a 16th century citadel that sits on a large hill that offers an incredible view of the sunsets down over the bay. She was even proposed to on that very hill at sunset! This is a very special polish indeed!

Huracán (Hurricane)

A grey-purple base with red/green/blurple colour-shifting shimmer and dark violet micro flakes. I loved this one – it seems really unique to me!!!

Photo 2017-06-24, 9 53 44 AM
Huracán (Hurricane)

It has a muddied gunmetal appearance to it. Inspired by – you guessed it – hurricanes, and in particular an experience Nadia had with Hurricane Georges in 1998.

El Yunque (El Yunque National Rainforest)

A dark metallic green polish with green/gold/blurple colour-shifting shimmer and green-gold micro flakes.

Photo 2017-06-24, 9 48 42 AM
El Yunque (El Yunque National Rainforest)

I’m not a huge fan of green but THIS GREEN. Oh my! Dimension for days. I can’t wait to do fall/Christmas manis with this (I have a one-track mind apparently!)

Inspired by the only tropical rainforest in the entire United States.

Orquideas (Orchids)

Metallic violet polish with indigo/purple/red shimmer and blurple micro flakes.

Photo 2017-06-24, 9 52 16 AM
Orquideas (Orchids)

Inspired by Nadia’s mom’s orchids! A beautiful purple polish.

Mar Caribe (Caribbean Sea)

A metallic aqua blue with green-purple colour shifting shimmer and gold/green/blue micro flakes.

Photo 2017-06-24, 9 51 17 AM
Mar Caribe (Caribbean Sea)

There’s just something about this blue that makes it very unique to anything I own. I mean look at it over both white and black. Over white it’s so vibrant and happy and over black it has this deep depth to it – much like the ocean that inspires it. It also reminds me of some kind of rock candy – anyone else remember rock candy?

Calles del Viejo San Juan (Streets of Old San Juan)

Metallic indigo blue polish with purple shimmer and indigo/purple/red colour-shifting micro flakes.

Photo 2017-06-24, 9 52 45 AM
Calles del Viejo San Juan (Streets of Old San Juan)

A vey deep multi-dimensional blue, I pretty much couldn’t stop staring at this one! Inspired by the blue cobblestoned streets of old San Juan!!

This collection is probably the most unique stamping polish collections I’ve ever seen. It’s also the most cohesive one – I am all about the story behind a maker’s inspiration and this one works on so many levels. The importance of these places are reflected in the love and care she went into creating (and naming) each and every polish. They were very easy to work with (I used a wide variety of plates and had no issues at all), didn’t dry too quickly, picked up very fine line images, and work so beautifully over light and dark bases. I love how you are essentially getting 16 different polishes depending on how you use them! They are also designed to be worn as very opaque polishes themselves if stamping isn’t your thing.  If you want to see additional swatch photos and the inspiration photos behind each polish, you should check out Nadia’s post over on her blog!!!

The Details

The Isla del Encanto Summer 2017 collection is available now at

8-piece full-size set: $70 USD or $9 USD each
8-piece mini set: $38 USD or $5 USD each

Follow Moonflower Polish on her social media to stay up-to-date on the latest info and release dates:

Instagram: @moonflowerpolish
Facebook: Moonflower Polish
Facebook Fan Group: Painted Moonflowers

And now time for my super special offer – Nadia has so generously offered you, my readers, a 10% off discount at! Just enter code Jenny10 at checkout!!!!

And keep your eyes on my Instagram for more of these beautiful polishes over the next little while!!! You can find me at: @thedotcouture

Until next time, Happy Painting!!!!

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