Review – Born Pretty Store Chameleon Cloud Nail Flakies

Press Sample

Happy Sunday to all of you out there in nail land!! Today I am reviewing some Chameleon Cloud Nail Flakies (Item ID 39759, colour option #1) from Born Pretty Store. I have to tell you I was somewhat hesitant at first since most of these types of products are for use with gel polishes, and I don’t do gel. I had zero issues with using this product with my regular polishes though!

It arrives to your door in this beautiful re-sealable zip holo package.

File 2017-07-08, 11 03 52 PM

As you can see, it comes with a little container filled with the flakies, and a sponge-tipped applicator:

Photo 2017-06-30, 8 14 56 AM

I opened it up and saw thousands of what looked like snowflakes!

Photo 2017-06-30, 8 15 44 AM

Here’s what I used for my application:

Photo 2017-06-30, 7 48 01 AM

Pretty simple right? UNT peel-off base coat and a black nail polish (I used Sinful Colors Black on Black, $1.99 at various US and Canadian retailers). I painted my nails with the peel-off base coat, one coat of the black, and then when the polish was still slightly tacky to the touch I used the sponge-tipped applicator to gently press the flakes onto my nail. Once I had the nail well-coated I used my finger-tip to gently burnish the surface of the nail. This not only makes sure the flakies are laying flat, but also creates a polished metallic-look on the nail. I then top-coated with my regular top coat.

Photo 2017-06-30, 9 14 06 AM
Born Pretty Store Chameleon Flakies Over Sinful Colors Black on Black
I have to say, I was REALLY impressed with this product. It was very easy to use, looked AMAZING on the nail, and was not as expensive as a lot of other products on the market. I haven’t played with the other pigments/flakies out there yet, but I had no issues with the quality of this product.

Photo 2017-06-30, 9 13 32 AM
Born Pretty Store Chameleon Flakies Over Sinful Colors Black on Black

Photo 2017-06-30, 9 12 12 AM
Born Pretty Store Chameleon Flakies Over Sinful Colors Black on Black
These flakes really are chameleon-esque!!! That’s a very dramatic shift I’m seeing there. I was reminded of a stained or leaded glass lampshade or window:

Photo 2017-06-30, 9 14 39 AM
Born Pretty Store Chameleon Flakies Stamped with Plate BP-L003
And I needed to try it out over white:

Photo 2017-07-08, 5 21 56 PM
Born Pretty Store Chameleon Flakies over Sinful Colors Snow me White
I love how different a look you can get depending on your base polish!!!!

The Details

At the time of this post, this item retails for $2.59 USD ($3.45 CAD) for 0.2g (which trust me, a little goes a long way with this product!) Born Pretty Store also has free worldwide shipping. And as a bonus, use code JDGK31 for 10% off all non-sale items in your entire order! 

What do you think of the pigment/powder/loose flakie craze? If you don’t do gel (like me), do you use these with your regular polishes?? Next on my list to try is a holographic loose pigment!

Until next time, Happy Painting!


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