Swatch and Review: China Glaze Colour is Magic AKA the My Little Pony Collection

Nothing to Disclose

I grew up with the original My Little Ponies and had a pretty comprehensive G1 collection so when I heard China Glaze was doing a My Little Pony collection I must admit I was intrigued! I recently picked up three of the minis from this collection and have swatches for you today!

Before we start, here is a small sampling of my G1 collection (yes I still have it!):

File 2017-07-24, 12 52 21 PM

Does this bring back memories for anybody??

The collection consists of 12-pieces in varying finishes and is based on the G3 Friendship is Magic version of My Little Pony:

File 2017-07-24, 1 01 24 PM

There is a movie hitting theatres October of this year so I’m guessing that’s why this collection is releasing!

Onto the swatches! I love what they did with the bottle tops. Each top (even for the minis!) has the My Little Pony logo and words like kindness, generosity, magic in cursive all around it.

Cutie Mark The Spot

What a great name!!! In the later generations of MLP the little mark on their rumps are called cutie marks. This polish is a pastel pistachio mint green. I’m a sucker for these minty green polishes! They always look so fresh and fun on the nail.

China Glaze Colour is Magic: Cutie Mark The Spot My Little Pony
China Glaze Colour is Magic: Cutie Mark The Spot
This is two coats plus top coat. Formula was pretty good, the first coat was definitely streaky. I could see needing three coats if you weren’t careful with application or have longer nails with more visible nail line.

One Polished Pony

China Glaze Colour is Magic: One Polished Pony My Little Pony
China Glaze Colour is Magic: One Polished Pony
I’m not normally a huge fan of turquoise polishes but they got me with the shimmer!!!! Shimmer that actually shows up on the nail!!! I had a bit of issues with streaking and pulling with this one so this is three coats plus top coat.

I Sea Ponies

So this name is definitely an homage to the original Gen 1 My Little Ponies. They had several releases of Sea Ponies – head of a pony, body of a sea horse, and they came with a clam shell and everything! I had the whole collection as a kid, sadly I only have one little baby sea pony left.

I Sea Ponies is a silver holographic chrome polish. The linear holo is not super prominent but the formula is a dream and our weather wasn’t playing nice so I couldn’t get it out in the sun.

China Glaze Colour is Magic: I Sea Ponies My Little Pony
China Glaze Colour is Magic: I Sea Ponies
File 2017-07-22, 9 48 01 PM
China Glaze Colour is Magic: I Sea Ponies
This collection is available at brick and mortar Sally’s Beauty, as well as several online e-tailers (Sparkle Canada, Nail Polish Canada,  Beautometry, and of course China Glaze online).

I’m a huge China Glaze fan (especially their LE collections, and in particular HALLOWEEN collections), and clearly a My Little Pony fan, so I may pick up a few more of theses!! Will you be picking up this collection?

Until next time, Happy Painting!



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