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*Press Sample*

Hey everyone!, one of my fave sites to browse and shop from for nail-related goodies, reached out to me about trying Vitry Nail Repair Care.

Photo 2018-01-27, 10 33 21 PM

Vitry’s Nail Repair Treatment says it will heal damaged, split, brittle nails in a few weeks. It helps you get naturally strong, healthy nails and is to be applied on clean, bare nails. There are two formulas –  Original Formula and Sensitive Formula.

Photo 2017-11-25, 8 42 45 AM

I’ve been using this as my base coat for the last couple of months and I definitely saw an improvement in my nails.

Photo 2017-11-25, 8 44 24 AM

I used the Original formula (there is a sensitive formula that’s formaldehyde-free too). The instructions say to apply it over your bare nail and reapply every two days. However. Life got busy, so I used two coats as a base coat and then painted my colour of choice over top. I had a very surprising side-effect with this treatment – my polish lasted the longest it has ever lasted with any other base coat! I was actually wearing my polish for 6 days straight (unheard of for me) with barely any tip wear.

After two weeks my nails had gotten stronger and much, much longer!

Let’s look at some photo evidence shall we?

**Disclaimer! I paint my nails a lot. My nails are stained! But they’re always painted so we’re all good!**

Here are my nails pre-treatment:

Thedotcouture vitry nail nailpolishcanada-1

Thedotcouture vitry nail nailpolishcanada-2

After 7 days:

thedotcouture vitry nails nailpolishcanada (1)

thedotcouture vitry nails nailpolishcanada

And after two weeks:

Thedotcouture vitry nail nailpolishcanada-1 (1)

Thedotcouture vitry nail nailpolishcanada-2 (1)

That’s some impressive growth in 14 days! I definitely saw some good nail health improvement over the two-week period. It’s been my go-to base coat for almost 2 months now and despite the brutal Canadian winter, not a break yet!

Vitry Nail Repair Care retails for $23 CDN ($26 CDN for the Sensitive Formula). You can see the full selection of Vitry Nails here:

Vitry makes many other nail care tools, and beautiful polishes too! offers free Canadian shipping for purchases over $19 CDN, and free flat-rate shipping of only $4 CDN (amazing!)

If you suffer from dry, peeling, breaking nails (or even if you don’t), I would definitely recommend giving Vitry Nail Repair Care a try. I truly hope you love it as much as I do!

Until next time, happy painting!


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