Review | 9 mm Nail Art Brush | Born Pretty Store

*Press Sample*

Welcome back gentle readers! Today I am reviewing this nifty nail art brush (item ID 37674) from Born Pretty Store!

Photo 2018-01-27, 11 17 08 PM

I was immediately impressed by the heft and weight of this nail art brush. I’m not sure what it’s made of (some metal maybe?) but it’s very sturdy and it has some weight to it.

Photo 2018-01-27, 11 17 15 PM

It’s got some nifty black balls in the handle part – strictly aesthetic I think!  And a nice well-fitting lid that keeps the brush bristles pristine:

Photo 2018-01-27, 11 17 38 PM

I chose the 9 mm brush length which I feel is a good all-around length for various types of nail art.

Photo 2018-01-27, 11 18 38 PM

The bristles are a really good quality – no need to trim any straggly bristles that don’t lie flat!!  I cleaned my brush in 100% acetone. You could probably give it a rinse in some water after cleaning too.

Now for some nail art:

Photo 2018-01-27, 11 08 20 PM

I painted in all those teensy Christmas lights….

Photo 2018-01-28, 12 23 40 AM

And gave this unicorn a majestic mane….

If you’re looking for a general not-too-expensive but REALLY good quality nail art brush, look no further! At the time of this post, the 9mm brush retails for $4.16 CAD with free worldwide shipping (as always from!

As an added bonus, code JDGK21 will get you 10% off all non-sale items! So shop to your heart’s content!

Until next time, happy painting!


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