Swatch Versus Swatch | OPI Act Your Beige! vs Ciaté Amazing Gracie

When you have a rather “large” collection of something….like say nail polish….sometimes you make a purchase, or pull something out of your Helmer can’t wait to get it on your nails, and then realize “this polish seems very familiar…..” Surely that’s not just me? I’ve always thought to document these polishes when I come across them. With that I bring you Swatch Versus Swatch (I know not the most imaginative name, I’m open to suggestions!) I hope to slowly go through my polish drawers and do a one-on-one comparison between two polishes that appear very similar. We may not always get a match, but that’s the beauty of these types of comparisons, sometimes you think polishes are the same and then realize those subtle differences are enough to make you NEED (or keep) both!

For my inaugural post, we have a showdown between OPI Act Your Beige! and Ciaté Amazing Gracie

the dotcouture swatch versus swatch opi ciate

Looking at these two in their bottles, I really didn’t expect for them to look so similar on the nail. This was an accidental dupe find as it were.

the dotcouture swatch versus swatch opi ciate

Shown above is two coats of each polish plus top coat. They are nearly identical on the nail! The OPI is ever-so-slightly cooler-toned, and is a hair more sheer. Unless I walk around in my mani-pose I think it would be impossible to see the difference. Formulas were pretty comparable too. So it would really come down to personal preference. I myself am not a fan of visible nail line so I would probably reach for the Ciaté over the OPI. You really can’t go wrong with either of these.

Do you have dupes in your stash? Ever wear a polish only to think “I’m having polish deja-vú?”

Until next time, happy painting! xox Jenny


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