Moonflower Polish | Fall / Winter 2019

Happy September lovely readers!!!! At the sake of sounding cliche, it’s Fall Y’All!!!! Finally. Today I have my favourite indie stamping brand Moonflower Polish on the blog – in particular the newly-released Fall / Winter 2019 collection!

This collection consists of five shimmery shades with hints of multichrome sparkle when stamped over dark colors. They are also gorgeous over white, as well as on their own! All of my swatches show the polish swatched over bare nail, and then stamped over a black and a white.

Violet Dusk

Violet Dusk is described as a dusty purple with a chrome like finish. The multichrome pigment flashes blue-gold-purple-red. How beautiful is this? I thought it lended itself really well to a Halloween image!

Moonflower Polish Violet Dusk

Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss is described as a shimmery olive green with flashes of blue-green-gold multichrome sparkle. I really love the gold in here, it makes it unique to me!

Moonflower Polish Spanish Moss

Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest is a shimmery brown base with flashes of green-gold sparkle. This one is one of the “EXTRA WOW” polishes of this collection – this gold flash just really sets it apart!

Moonflower Polish Fall Harvest

Candy Apple

Candy Apple is described as an apple red with a strong pink to gold shimmer glow. This was my absolute favourite out of the collection. It looks like a juicy, sweet, shiny, red candy apple and I’m living for it.

Moonflower Polish Candy Apple

Autumn Moon

Autumn Moon is described as an indigo shimmer with a strong pink-purple shift and then a more subtle blue-cyan flash. I love this one because it reminds me of a deeper version of the September birthstone (sapphire)!

Autumn Moon stamping polish

The Fall / Winter Collection is available now for $9.00 USD each (full size) or $6.00 USD each (mini). Alternatively, if you love a deal, you can purchase the entire set for $40.00 USD.

Make sure to visit Moonflower Polish on their socials:


Facebook: Moonflower Polish

Instagram: @moonflowerpolish


And the Moonflower Polish retailers:
Lantern & Wren, retailer:
Nail Artisan, UK retailer:
Until next time, happy painting!

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