Event Coverage – Indie Expo Canada 2017 – Part Two

Indie Expo Canada 2017

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to attend Indie Expo Canada in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as official press.


Press Smaller

Thedotcouture press

In part one of my post – I did an event overview and highlighted all of the amazing vendors who came. In this post I’d like to give you a real feel for what it was like at the Hyatt Regency.

File 2017-06-18, 11 11 02 AM

When you first exit the elevator on the mezzanine level of the Hyatt, the attention to detail and love that has gone into the planning of this event is apparent:

Photo 2017-06-04, 12 11 58 PM

There are tables set up for ticket holders and for people to place bids on the silent auction for Paint it Forward – a platform dedicated to raising money and awareness for charitable organizations. For the silent auction, Pam (creator of Girly Bits Cosmetics and organizer of all things Indie Expo – with a strong support team of course) has chosen The Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre as the recipient. So many amazing brands made prize donations! You can check them out here: 2017 Contributors. More on the silent auction later!

When the doors opened for the early-admittance VIP ticket holders, the crowd was a-buzz! Lines formed everywhere!

Photo 2017-06-04, 12 09 00 PM
VIP Ticket Holders at Tonic

During this open shop marketplace, I got to meet some amazing people!!!!

Thedotcouture Copycatclaws Canadiannailfanatic
Indie Expo Nails!

@copycatclaws@canadiannailfanatic and myself inadvertently had coordinating nails! Can you tell whose is who??

Then I got to meet Pam herself! I’ve been wearing her polish for years. It was like meeting some kind of superstar!

File 2017-06-09, 10 45 01 PM
Pam from Girly Bits Cosmetics!

Katie from Harlow & Co. was there (with her hubby too!!!) And let me tell you she is just the cutest and sweetest ever! She sidled up to me and I swear she could have been wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses disguise as she opened up what looked like a black leather brief case containing the newest ILNP collection – and she let me pick one! I’ll have swatches in the near future!!!

Jenny Katie
Katie from Harlow & Co.!

Canadian beauty blogger and YouTuber Zenorah was there for the Speaker’s Panel and she is even more beautiful in person!!! Check her out on her YouTube and Instagram!

Lisa Zenorah Jenny
Lisa Hendy, Zenorah, and Myself!

I snapped a pic with her and fellow Ontarian @lisa.j.hendy – she is a YouTuber as well (and is an awesome person!!) and she has quite a few Indie Expo Vlogs up so I suggest you check her out here!

Next I ran into the beautiful @nailexperiments – I think I found my nail sister here!!!

File 2017-06-09, 10 37 42 PM
Elena From @nailexperiments and Myself!

I SnapChatted our meeting!!!

Krystal from Polish Galore and I have been good friends for a few years now, but this was our first time meeting!!! She was doing an Instagram Story Takeover for Nail It Magazine!

Thedotcouture Polish Galore
Krystal From Polish Galore and I!

In the midst of all of the shopping and selfies and networking, tutorial tables by some amazing bloggers were happening on the right ide of the grand ballroom. I managed to catch some of them!

Photo 2017-06-04, 11 11 32 AM
Tutorial Table Set-Up

Elena from @nailexperiments taught Special Effects Powders using various Girly Bits products!

Photo 2017-06-04, 1 54 58 PM
Elena from @nailexperiments Teaching Special Effects Powders

Photo 2017-06-04, 1 55 20 PM

I even gave it a whirl and created a multi-chrome to multi-chrome gradient on a test nail! Thanks for showing me the ropes Elena!

File 2017-06-23, 4 40 03 PM
Girly Bits Special Effect Powders at the Tutorial Table

Watermarbling with Melissa from @honeybee_nails.

Photo 2017-06-04, 1 55 40 PM

Photo 2017-06-04, 1 55 53 PM
Ooooh Pretty!!!!

Stamping 101 with Jenne from @polishedpathology!

Photo 2017-06-04, 2 41 42 PM
Jenne From @polishedpathology Teaches Stamping 101!

Tammy from @canadiannailfanatic taught advanced stamping!!!!

Photo 2017-06-04, 2 41 52 PM

Pam made them their special tutorial tees – basic black with their names in holo! They were amazing!

Another very interesting part of the event was the Speaker’s Panel. Melanie Layer of The Boss Vibe facilitated the panel of four amazing women:

Canadian Beauty Blogger Zenorah 
Krystal Emery of Polish Galore
Leah Ann Llarowe – maker behind Colours by Llarowe (CBL) polish
Claudia Murillo of Lovacado

Photo 2017-06-04, 10 49 25 AM

They discussed the importance of indie brands in the nail and beauty communities, and the impact and influence they have on both consumers and mainstream beauty industries. It was very inspiring to it and listen to them discuss the indie industry – we gained some personal insight into them as people as well as businesswomen and social media influencers. I thought it was a very lovely touch that fit in with the event theme very nicely!

File 2017-06-23, 5 19 11 PM
Left to Right: Krystal Emery, Zenorah, Leah Ann Llarowe, Claudia Murillo


For the second half of the day, Pam’s daughter Jen Knight and her bandmate played for the crowd. She’s a crazy talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist!!!!

Photo 2017-06-04, 1 21 07 PM

You should definitely check her out on her social media! Facebook | YouTube

And finally we are closing in on the end of the day and the silent auction. The best thing about the Paint if Forward foundation is 100% of the proceeds go to the recipients!!! That means that 100% of the money raised from this silent auction will be going to Mount Sinai.

File 2017-06-23, 5 29 19 PM
Pam Announcing the Winners of the Silent Auction Prizes

None of this could have been possible without the generosity of SO MANY PEOPLE! So thank you all for your kindness!

NEWS ALERT!!! In the middle of typing up this post I received the donation total!!!! Thanks to all of the vendors who donated prizes and the people who opened up their wallets and hearts to bid on them, a donation of $1857 CAD will be made to Mount Sinai on behalf of the Paint it Forward foundation. That’s incredible!!!!!! I am constantly amazed by the kindness and generosity of the indie nail and beauty community!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend but it was truly one I will never forget! I hope there are many many more like this. I consider myself blessed to be involved in what is one of the most supportive, kind, generous communities out there. I’m sure you agree with me! I hope you enjoyed my coverage of this inaugural event and perhaps I will see you next year!!!! Until next time, happy painting!

Photo 2017-06-04, 5 44 50 PM

thedotcouture IEC signoff







Girly Bits Exclusive and LE Indie Expo Canada 2017 Polishes

Photo 2017-05-30, 6 02 27 PM

Press Smaller

Press Sample

Hi everyone!!! Indie Expo Canada 2017 is less than 3 days away and what better way to celebrate than with some swatches of the Girly Bits Exclusive and Limited Edition polishes?? Let’s get right into it!!!

The Red Rocket – Indie Expo Exclusive

First we have the exclusive Indie Expo polish. This is The Red Rocket, a beautiful metallic red with an orange to pink shift. This is two coats plus top coat:

Girly Bits - The Red Rocket

Photo 2017-05-30, 7 07 05 PM

Photo 2017-05-30, 7 07 36 PM

It was inspired by the historic Toronto streetcars:

RR Inspiration

This is one of those polishes that truly glows from within! This polish may be available on the official Indie Expo Canada 2017 site after the event.

Photo 2017-05-30, 7 22 24 PM

Come on, you knew I was going to art over it 🙂

Lost in the PATH – Indie Expo Limited Edition

Lost in the PATH is one of two LE shades. It’s a deep washed-out blurple with a strong gold shimmer and silver holo flakies. This is 2 coats plus top coat:

Photo 2017-05-30, 7 53 54 PM

Photo 2017-05-30, 7 53 02 PM

Photo 2017-05-30, 7 52 18 PM

Lost in the PATH is loosely inspired by the underground shopping walkway in Toronto. If you’re not familiar with the PATH….well trust me when I say this polish is aptly named!

Lost in the PATH Inspo

Yeah the picture above pretty much sums that up!!!

Photo 2017-05-30, 8 09 29 PM

And stamped with some super Canadian maple leafs!!!

Sugar Beach – Indie Expo Limited Edition

The second Limited Edition polish is Sugar Beach. Sugar Beach is a sparkling holographic with a strong pink to gold shimmer, pink microglitter, and pink-purple-blue UCC flakes. 2 coats plus top coat:

Photo 2017-05-30, 8 38 02 PM

Photo 2017-05-30, 8 38 36 PM

Photo 2017-05-30, 8 39 28 PM

This polish is super unique. There is a lot going on but it’s not overwhelming or too busy. It’s a perfectly done polish in my opinion! And when you see the inspiration picture you’ll probably like it even more:

Sugar Beach inspo

First of all, I want to be there. Second of all, Sugar Beach is an urban beach park. You read that right!

Sugar Beach inspiration

Photo 2017-05-30, 8 57 54 PM

You’re probably noticing a theme with the nail art today.

Both Indie Expo Canada Limited Edition polishes will be available on the Girly Bits Cosmetics and the Indie Expo Canada 2017 sites for a limited time after the event.

Follow Indie Expo Canada on their social media for all of the latest info:




And make sure to follow me on Instagram @thedotcouture or add me on my brand spanking new Snapchat (thedotcouture) because as you probably gathered from that graphic up there, I’m crazy lucky to have been invited as official press! I will be covering the event real time (or as real time as I can!) on my social media outlets so if you can’t attend this is the next best thing!! If you are attending come up and say hi to me! I look forward to chatting with everyone, meeting other bloggers, interviewing makers, and oogling all the gorgeous products that will be there!!!

Until next time, happy painting!!!

Indie Expo Canada – June 3-4 2017

Indie Expo Canada 2017

Hello my fellow nail polish addicts!!! Today I have some exciting news, in particular for us Canadians (or my American readers near the US / Can border), and especially for us Ontarians!!!

Oh so many times I get asked who makes those beautiful polishes I use in my manis. And more importantly, “where can I get them??” Now just imagine you could not only oogle all these lovelies in one place, but you could talk to the makers behind these amazing polishes? And even better, BUY SOME FOR YOURSELF??? You’d probably say something like “Where Jenny? Where is this fantastical place?”

Indie Expo Canada of course!

Indie Expo Canada 2017

Pam, the lovely creator behind Girly Bits Cosmetics has organized an incredible Indie event which is taking place June 3rd and 4th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Girly bits cosmetics

There will be workshops and tutorial tables, and you will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with industry YouTubers, Bloggers, and of course the makers themselves!

Tickets start at $24.07 (all fees and taxes included) and are available at eventbrite.ca. This will give you access to a TON (and I mean TON!) of Indie vendors (from all over the world!) Not just nail polish either. There will be cosmetics, skin care, hair care, all kinds of amazing brands showcasing their products!!!

Photo 2017-06-01, 9 10 53 PM

So come on over and check it out….I will be there and I’d love to meet and hang with my fellow nail addicts!

thedotcouture indie expo canada official press

WOOHOO! I’m all official and stuff! I will be there covering the event and I think it’s going to be an amazing experience for us all!!!!

Stay in the loop by connecting with Indie Expo Canada on their social media:

Instagram: @indieexpocanada
Twitter: @IndieExpoCanada
Facebook: IndieExpoCanada

And if you can’t make it, stay tuned because I will have lots of info and reviews happening, as well as coverage during the June 4th portion of the event! I do hope to see you next weekend though!!!! I’m super friendly I promise!

Instagram: @thedotcouture
Facebook: thedotcouture

Until next time, happy painting!

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Swatch and Review – Moonflower Polish Spring 2017 Pastels

thedotcouture spring 2017 pastels moonflower polish

thedotcouture spring 2017 pastels moonflower polish

Hello everyone!! Today I’m reviewing 4 polishes from the new 8-piece Spring 2017 Pastel collection from indie stamping polish maker Moonflower Polish!!!

All of my swatches were stamped over Sinful Colours Black on Black and OPI Alpine Snow, and were topped with one coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top. I used Bornprettystore Plate BPL-024 and a clear silicone stamper.


Beautifully opaque pastel pink:

Moonflower Polish Strawberry Over Black and White thedotcouture
Moonflower Polish Strawberry Stamped Over Black and White


A true pastel blue, reminiscent of one of my favourite flowers:

thedotcouture moonflower polish spring 2017 Hydrangea
Moonflower Polish Hydrangea Stamped Over Black and White


A bright minty green pastel – I suddenly really want ice cream…

thedotcouture moonflower polish spring 2017 Mint
Moonflower Polish Mint Stamped Over Black and White


An ultra pale blue-lavender:

thedotcouture moonflower polish spring 2017 Periwinkle
Moonflower Polish Periwinkle Stamped Over Black and White

And the other four in the collection are:

Lemon (pastel yellow)
Mango (pastel orange)
Moonflower (white)
Apple (pastel green)

As you can see, these pastels are vibrant over white yet SUPER opaque over black, which is just so hard to do!! These polishes stamped like an absolute dream, I didn’t have to fiddle around with different stampers or plates, nor did I have to adjust my stamping and scraping techniques at all. And the best part is they are 5-free, and hand-poured with love!!

The Spring 2017 Pastels are available for pre-order May 5th – May 12th, with a 2 week turnaround time prior to shipment.

The Details

Shipping to both Canada and the US:

Full size: $9 USD / 15 ml bottle
$70 USD for the full 8-piece set
Mini: $5 USD / 7 ml bottle

Make sure to follow Nadia on her social media platforms for news, release info, and swatches!

Instagram: @moonflowerpolish
FB fan group: Painted Moonflowers
And because you stuck around until the end, I have a bonus swatch for you!!! This is Strawberry over Zoya Dream.
thedotcouture moonflower polish strawberry 2
Moonflower Polish Strawberry

Don’t forget to check me out on my social media!

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Until next time – Happy Painting!!!


Jenny signoff

Disclosure – these polishes were provided to me free-of-charge for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Swatch and Review – Sweet & Sour Lacquer March 2017 Polish of the Month

thedotcouture Sweet & Sour Lacquer March POTM

thedotcouture Sweet & Sour Lacquer March POTM

Hello all! Today I have a gorgeous polish from indie polish maker Sweet & Sour Lacquer!! Sweet & Sour Lacquer is a 5-free, cruelty-free, hand-mixed polish brand and they do a Polish of the Month (POTM) series where they release a unique Limited Edition polish every month. This is March 2017, it’s a gorgeous peachy-coral pink with holographic and gold shimmer running through it! Let’s take a look shall we? And stay tuned for a bonus swatch at the end!!

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