Favourite Halloween Nail Polishes!

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Halloween (and Autumn in general) is my favourite time of the year. It’s also the time for my favourite kind of nail polishes – HALLOWEEN POLISHES!!!!ย Make no mistake, these polishes are not limited to wear strictly during the haunting season. I indulge in these awesomely spooky polishes year round. From the innovative glitter/base combos to the imaginative (and often punny) Halloween or Autumnal names, these polishes will put you in the mood for pumpkin spice lattes and jack-o-lantern carving in no time!!!

thedotcouture favourite Halloween nail polishes

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Bestie Twin Nails with Ana’s Manis

Hi everybody!!! I got to do some Bestie Twin Nails with the lovely and talented Ana’s Manis!! For those of you who don’t know, Bestie Twin Nails are when two people get together to create nail art based off of an inspiration picture. It can be of anything – fabric, wallpaper, a photograph, or another nail artist’s work. The two artists then create their own nail art, photograph it, and reveal it to the other artist!!!!

Ana found this image on Pinterest – it looks sort of like wallpaper to me!

And here is our Bestie Twin Nail collage!

I love how they turned out!!! I think it’s really cool how you can get inspiration from anywhere.

Here is my closeup:

thedotcouture nail art
I used Sinful Colors Nirvana as my base and then dry-brushed a nude polish over top of that. I then used Sinful Colors Black on Black and free-handed the flowers.

Here is Ana’s solo shot:

Ana's Manis nail art
I love how hers turned out!!! She added a matte top coat which I always think looks amazing with floral manis.

Ana and I are often unintentional Bestie Twin Nail sisters ๐Ÿ˜‚ so it’s so fun to actually plan them out! Thanks for doing these with me Ana!!!!

Everyone should head on over to Ana’s page and check out her beautiful work.

And remember you can find me on:

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Until next time, happy painting!!!!

Hidden Treasure: Sinful Colors Hottie

Today I’d like to talk about a polish that could probably win myย ‘Most Surprising Polish’ award, if such a thing existed. Sinful Colorsย Hottie is a sheer blue jelly polish packed with various-sized iridescent glitters. I boughtย it on clearance at Target Canada (RIP) right after Christmas 2013. I’m ashamed to say it’s sat unused in my Helmer since then. That is until today. And what I found was a true hidden treasure.

Sinful Colors Hottie
Sinful Colors Hottie

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